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  • @utoEmail Permission Based Email marketing performed by @utoRevenue to dealerships service customers.
  • @utoMatch Service that monthly appends email addresses to enhance the customer database.
  • @utoRevenue OVERDRIVE @utoRevenue OVERDRIVE is a package of @utoRevenue’s service marketing (silver package) and integrating their marketing efforts into Autobase Sales Center.  @utoRevenue ( has multi-channel marketing tools and services that they provide for auto dealership’s service drive.
  • @utoScheduler

    @utoScheduler is a self-serve web portal for consumers to view their service history on their vehicle as well as set future appointments for a particular dealership.

  • @utoVoice Permission Based pre-recorded voice messaging performed by @utoRevenue to dealerships service customers.
  • ABVoice

    ABVoice is a permission based marketing tool that enables dealerships to send recorded voice messages to clients without having to pick up the phone. ABVoice recorded messages can be sent from many locations within the Autobase application to clients with a valid phone number, including the daily run, campaigns and logbooks, etc. Dealerships can purchase a monthly quantity of minutes, and allocate them however they choose amongst their employees.

  • ACV

    ACV is the "actual cash value" of a used vehicle.

  • Aces

    "Aces" is used by a dealership for describing a customer with excellent credit.

  • Arkona

    Arkona Integration, or also called Dealer Track DMS, directs the pull of inventory, closed service repair orders, and deals booked in Arkona. In this integration, Arkona extracts files from their system for inventory, service repair orders, and closed deals. The data is then placed in a file on the Autobase server.

  • aaXChange American Auto Exchange, or aaXChange, is a web based is a vehicle management system for dealers. The integration we offer allows dealers to upload vehicle appraisal information to aaXChange by simply clicking a button. This is so our dealers can store appraisal information in Autobase for marketing purposes and have the information on the aaXChange site as well.       
  • CPR

    Autobase CPR (Client Problem Resolution) Tab is one of the modules in the Autobase Integration Suite. It is designed to manage and bring full resolution to customer complaints in less time with less money. 

  • Click To Talk Formerly known as "Click to Call", is a service that enables dealerships to call clients and update client records the same time. Phone calls are then tracked within the Activity Logbook and History tab of the client records.   
  • Create-A-Sale

    A function within Autobase that allows you to create U.S. Mail and E-mail campaigns to help increase sales and build stronger relationships with clients. You might choose to create a specific campaign to inform clients of upcoming dealership events, service specials, special financing options, new rebates and incentives or new model designs. The possibilities for targeting your clients are endless.

  • DMS Dealer Management System - This on-site system for the auto dealership provides daily capability for running the business, including, payroll, administrative, service department activity, and vehicle inventory among others. ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds, Arkona are some of the largest DMS companies in the industry.
  • Daily Run

    The Daily Run is a function of the Autobase Sales Center and generates:

    ·         Calls that show up on the planners.

    ·         Letters that get printed each morning.

    ·         E-mails and web ads sent out to customers. 

  • DealerTrack DealerTrack is an online credit application network. Integrating with DealerTrack through Autobase allows Dealerships to upload credit information from Autobase into their online DealerTrack account.
  • Employee File

    The Employee File houses all Autobase users and their security settings. Having one person in charge of this portion of the program will result in a more smoothly running Autobase Sales Center.


    From the Employee Maintenance screen you do the following:


    ·    Add a new employee

    ·    Edit employee's settings

    ·    Edit employee's security status

    ·    Add email account to an employee

    ·    See overview of email accounts for the dealership

  • Equity Alerts

    Equity Alerts are “In-Equity” notifications sent to participating Autobase dealerships when one of their past customers is in a positive equity position on the vehicle they purchased.  The notifications come from a company called Intelligent Marketing Systems (IMS).

  • ePencil ePencil is a third party software (1st pencil tool) that interfaces with Autobase Sales Center. ePencil is a program by the Cardone Group and is similar to the Autobase POWr Worksheet. 
  • Managed Services Much like the Autobase Business Solutions, @utoRevenue performs all the service marketing for the dealership.
  • Market Center

    Market Center allows a dealership to build and launch multiple campaigns that include a combination of printed letters, email or web ads, phone calls, voice mail or text message. Only managers and BDC supervisors have access to Market Center.

  • PBM (Permission Based Marketing)

    Permission-based email marketing (PBM) is more than a way to confirm receipt of your emails. We work with major ISPs to ensure you avoid SPAM blacklists and enjoy the highest percentage of email delivery possible. Track delivery, open rates, opt outs, and bounces - all within Autobase CRM.

  • SMS (Short Message Service)

    SMS (Short Message Service) is a permission based marketing tool that enables dealerships to send text messages to clients from within the Autobase application. SMS messages can be sent from some locations within the Autobase application to clients with a valid cell phone number. These locations include All Clients and ILM. Dealerships can purchase a monthly quantity of text messages.

  • vAuto

    vAuto is a service that uploads all appraisals entered into Autobase that are assigned to sales people and are in vAuto. There is no button for the customer to press or any other action needed. It will automatically send in approximately three minutes after they save the trade in record.


  • Want List

    The Want List is located on the bottom right side of the Recap Screen and is a feature enabling you to store information about a vehicle a client is interested in, that is currently unavailable. Once the desired vehicle is stored in the Want List, if a vehicle is added to the appraisal log and matches the Want List item of a client, the salesperson as well as the TO Manager attached to that client record will receive an e-mail informing them of the match.

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